Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

beach-cruiser-bicycle-by-sixthreezeroWhen you’re determined to get fit but you just can’t take another day at the gym and the drama that often comes with it, or you’ve decided to make new weight loss goals and want to begin cycling to work, it’s time to get serious about your health and make that important step towards an active lifestyle. Fortunately, the Sixthreezero women’s 26 inch beach cruiser bike is up to the task. Beach cruisers have been around for years and people continue to use them because they offer a more comfortable, relaxed ride that still allows you to get in a serious fat burning cardio workout.

Sixthreezero Beach Cruiser for Women Assessment

This model by Sixthreezero received an impressively high rating from Amazon users because of its classic beach cruiser design that features a modern twist, the high quality components and the low affordable pricing. This bike is a total head turner so you’ll be sure to enjoy that extra attention you’ll get when riding around town.

Consumers can also choose from a few speed options with this model, including single speed, three speed or seven speed. The single speed bike is only able to ride smoothly over cultivated terrain and is more intended for commuting around town. The three and seven speed models work well both on and off road and can be the best choice for consumers who need a commuter bike as well as a cruiser that can handle tough terrain and rocky bike paths.

With a classic seventeen inch steel frame, twenty-six inch wheels and the Shimano tourney seven speed hub, this bike also comes with the acclaimed nexus shifter, which is much easier to use than your average gear shift system.

This model comes in a glossy cream color that features bold orange accents on the alloy rims and the classic beach cruiser fat white wall tires. The large saddle comes in a deep brown and features color stitching and matching handle grips. The rubber block comfort pedals allow you to smoothly pedal around town.

Assembly is required. Most consumers reported that assembly took about forty-five minutes to an hour.

The Benefits of Riding the Sixthreezero

sixthreezero-womens-beach-cruiser-bicycleIf you want to cycle daily, but you just don’t have the time, the most logical way to get in a workout is to commute to work. Cycling is very easily to integrate into your daily routine, unlike working out at the gym. The time you spend biking to and from your work will add up quickly. Bike commuting offers many health benefits and all without requiring you to go out of your way to fit in a workout.

However, the perks of switching to cycling goes well beyond avoiding traffic or living a healthier lifestyle. Commuting by car has been closely linked to obesity and weight gain, even in drivers who actually take the time to work out. Women who bike to work for at least thirty minutes a day also have a decreased risk of breast cancer.

Once you get into the habit of biking to work, you’ll also be more prepared for what comes next. Routine exercise has been found to reduce fatigue and increase energy. Even just one thirty minute bike ride can improve your memory, creative thinking and reaction time.

Taking out your new beach cruiser daily can also be a great way to maintain your weight. In a recent study, researchers found that cycling daily can offset the ill effects associated with overeating, such as unhealthy metabolic changes and spikes in blood sugar.

But daily rides on your cruiser can do more than make you happier and healthier. Studies conducted in Norway found that cycling just half an hour a day resulted in the average cyclist living five years long than participants who did not work out at all.

The importance of getting results from this model in terms of building muscle and losing weight will all depend on your route and how often you ride. A single speed model will give you a better workout because you’ll have to use more muscle to ride uphill. However, the multi-speed model will allow you to ride for longer periods of time and can prevent serious muscle strain.

Beach Cruiser Pros and Cons

Pros: Most consumers can agree that this model offers a smooth ride and works great as a daily commuter.

Cons: One consumer felt that the three speed model had a speed range that was very limited. The consumer went on to explain that the hardest gear on the bike felt more like a middle gear. Other consumers felt that the assembly process was too difficult, especially when it came to attaching the fender. This issue was partially due to the undersized washer that was included. You can remedy this problem by using a larger washer. Consumers also felt that the rear fender tab bends too easily. Another construction issue involved the metal collar on the saddle. The bike’s saddle has a metal collar that’s connected to the post. While it will normally loosen over time with use, this collar always remains loose, no matter how often it’s tightened. Consumers felt that the saddle seemed to be stripped because it would not lock in place, stating the bike felt unsafe and uncomfortable to ride because of this issue. One consumer noticed that the brace was missing from the front fender after putting the bike together. This consumer contacted customer support and received a replacement part.

If you’re looking for a more flexible ride with a lightweight frame then you can check out the Kent Oakwood beach cruiser, a model that comes highly recommended by consumers who were not satisfied with this bike. 

Women’s Beach Cruiser Conclusion and Rating

Whether you’re looking for a bike to use as a daily commuter, one to whip you back into shape or a bike you can take on a serious bike ride off road, Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle has a lot to offer in terms of durability and flexibility. While there have been some disputes over the quality of the saddle and other components, most consumers can agree that this bike was definitely worth the purchase. Consumers who bought this cruiser gave it a rating of four out of five stars for affordable pricing, classic design and quality frame and gear system.