Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike Review


The Oakwood men’s beach cruiser bike by Kent features a rust resistant, lightweight aluminium frame and seven speed gear system. The Oakwood is the latest in Kent’s line of men’s beach cruisers and while it seems to be one of their most popular models, it received mixed feedback from consumers.

This isn’t the type of bike designed for heavy, everyday use. But it is the perfect model for the consumer on a budget who enjoys riding around town or running quick errands.

But even with the influx of negative feedback we received regarding how this model rides and handles, the condition of the components and the overall quality, we still did a little digging to find out the truth about the Oakwood and whether or not it can handle heavy use.

Cycling on a daily basis, for a minimum of thirty minutes a day comes with a ton of health benefits, including a faster metabolism, improved stamina and weight loss. But riding daily can also be a great way to save time and money. Instead of sitting in traffic on your way to work and on your way home, beat the rush and avoid the traffic while getting in shape.

This beach cruiser is a single speed, so it’s not designed for off-road use. This is definitely an important factor that will determine whether or not this bike can handle your commute.

Oakwood Beach Cruiser Overview

This model comes with an enclosed chain cover, rear and front handbrakes, the classic beach cruiser bike frame and a quick release seat post clamp.

If you’re like most people who have ridden mountain bikes for most of your cycling life, you may be tired of the hunched over, upright posture you’re forced to use with traditional ten speeds or mountain bikes. But this model from Kent allows you to enjoy cycling using a more relaxed riding position. Now, you’ll be sitting in an upright position with your weight on the seat instead of having the upper body weight resting on your wrists.

The factory saddle seat features extra padding for a more comfortable ride. The lightweight frame allows you to easily balance as you weave around potholes and through traffic. It also makes transporting the bike much easier.

Assembly is required and many consumers had complaints regarding the complexity of the process. Assembly time will take approximately an hour for those with prior experience.

While the gear system works fine, it could definitely use some tuning.

Straight out of the box the brakes will need to be fine-tuned because they’re not adjusted correctly.

Some of the bike’s components can be tricky to put together and unfortunately the included instructions are very vague. Most consumers stated that they had to adjust the gears, brakes, shifter and saddle. The same consumers felt that these components were not of very high quality, especially the saddle which can be uncomfortable after just twenty minutes of riding. Another issue is the included decals that come on the frame. Some users noted that not only were the decals unattractive but they were applied off center.

An easy solution is to simply remove them using a plastic scraper, some Goo-Off and a heat gun. Riders also complained that the ride itself felt a little stiff and the bike didn’t coast as freely as it should but this could be due to the newness of the bike and may relax the more you ride. A note that is included with every bike explains that each model is completely assembled during production, then partially dissembled for delivery, but if this is the case then it makes you wonder why so many consumers had a variety of issues when putting the bikes together. Commonly, the chain is not engaged, the brakes are put on backwards, and the gear system is installed upside down. If you’re not familiar with bike assembly you may need to take it to a bike shop and have a pro put it together and test ride it before you take it out for a spin.

During assembly, you’ll also need to be careful not to overtighten the smaller screws, which are of poor quality and can easily break.

Men’s Beach Cruiser Pros and Cons

Pros: For many people, the biggest pros involved the bike’s beautiful style and the affordable pricing. Overall, most consumers agreed that the tires were pretty decent, however, you may want to upgrade them if you’re planning on using this bike as an everyday commuter bike.

Cons: As we have mentioned, many consumers had issues with this model, ranging from the quality of the components, which were pretty disappointing, to the tiresome assembly process that left most consumers ready to pull their hair out. Basically, with this bike you truly get what you pay for. The fact that it’s a single speed also makes riding pretty limiting.

If you have high expectations for this bike, please look elsewhere. There are other cruisers that feature comparable pricing and offer much higher quality components, such as the Firmstrong Urban beach cruiser.

But this model isn’t all bad. If you’re looking for a bike to just ride around town on, this model can handle the job. However, if you’re looking for more reliable transportation, the type of reliability you would need from a daily commuter, then keep shopping around.

It definitely pays to read beach cruiser bike reviews in order to get a realistic look at how each model performs before you buy.

Oakwood Beach Cruiser Conclusion and Rating

Obviously, for many buyers, Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike was a pretty big disappointment. But considering it’s such an affordable model you could always upgrade the components on your own. Love it or leave it, the Oakwood has too many faults for the serious cyclist to consider it for everyday use. Consumers who purchased this model were feeling pretty generous and gave this bike a rating of three out of five stars for the affordable pricing, lightweight frame and decent tires.