Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review 


If you haven’t been on a bike in years, the idea of getting back in the saddle can seem pretty intimidating, especially when you see some of the complicated gear systems new bikes tend to offer. But this modern take on the classic beach cruiser will provide you with the type of freedom and enjoyment that you experienced years ago, thanks to the simple design, innovative gear systems and the unique combination of blending the old style of the beach cruiser with a more modern braking and gear system.

The Firmstrong Urban lady beach cruiser is a model that’s designed for power, speed and comfort. This model comes loaded with a ton of features designed with elegance and style in mind. The fact that it’s available in a wide range of colors is one of this bike’s biggest selling points.

Firmstrong Beach Cruiser for Women Rundown

This model offers a dual option for the wheel size and is available in twenty-four inches or twenty-six inches. The triple speed option allows you to choose a model that features one, three or seven speeds, leaving a wide array of speed options based on your preference and physical needs. The three and seven speed models are designed for hill and mountain riding, while the single speed is designed for flat cultivated terrain.

The bike also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a limited warranty on all other parts.

The single speed and three speed model comes with a coaster brake only, while the seven speed is equipped with handbrakes.

The sixteen inch frame is designed for riders ranging from five to six feet tall.

The extra-large saddle is the ultimate in comfort and comes with a double spring design that will allow you to ride comfortably for a longer period of time.

The single speed model weighs in at just thirty-five pounds while the three speed weighs in at fifty-one. The seven speed model is surprisingly light at just forty pounds.

Color options include pink, baby blue, green, chrome, black, matte black, purple, vanilla, red, orange, white, yellow, brown and metallic charcoal.

Designed for easy riding, this model features the traditional curvy beach cruiser design and is equipped with balloon tires that work to cushion your ride. The large handlebars come with thick foam grips for improved comfort and handling.

The design of the bike is versatile enough to accommodate women with different physiques and while the bike is aimed mainly toward beginner riders, even a seasoned cyclist can enjoy the benefits of a more relaxed, comfortable ride.

This is a great choice for women cyclists who are accustomed to riding a bike in an upright seating position, or for riders who are not comfortable with a bike that requires the rider to lean forward while sitting in a higher position. The Urban lady beach cruiser allows the cyclist to sit in a more natural riding position without having to worry about getting the balance right.

Most consumers immediately noticed how easy this model was to use and even inexperienced cyclists had no trouble finding their balance. Even cyclists who haven’t been on a bike in years will enjoy a smooth transition. If you’re around five feet in height, you’ll need to adjust the seat to the lowest setting. Taller riders won’t have any problem adjusting the seat for the perfect fit.

Like all other bikes, you’ll need to do a little light assembly work. Fortunately, the provided instructions are clearly written and easy to follow.

During assembly, the rider can tweak the bike to suit their needs but the basic configuration is usually more than enough for riding on flat terrain.

Firmstrong Beach Cruiser Pros and Cons


Pros: The feel and look of this model draws its inspiration from the classic beach cruiser models of old, but the updates to the design, gears and braking system will give the cyclist the best of both worlds. This model is very comfortable to ride and the gear system options were a huge selling point for cyclists who enjoy riding around town and mountain biking. Regardless of which speed model you use, your riding experience is sure to be a smooth one. With thirteen colors available and the number of customization options, you can see why this cruiser is one of Firmstrong’s top sellers. The seat’s extra padding and double coil springs help to improver rider comfort. Marketed as a bike for beginners, the bike’s handlebars are very responsive and follow your lead. The brake system is also very responsive and most users felt that the frame was definitely built to last. This bike is considered very low maintenance and is priced affordably.

Cons: Some users had complaints that the bike was a bit on the heavy side and that the kickstand was not very reliable and needed tightening frequently. The single speed model is only suited for cycling on smooth pavement and streets, which can be limiting for some riders. Consumers with no prior experience felt that the assembly process was difficult. Other consumers reported that the customer service team was slow to respond. Consumers who were looking for a lighter ride opted for the Sixthreezero twenty-six inch cruiser.

Urban Cruiser Conclusion and Rating

This model is the perfect fit for riding around town, but it’s not limited to cultivated terrain only. The rider can easily cruise bike paths, mountain trails and the boardwalk when choosing the multi-speed option. Some consumers prefer the single speed model, while others opted for the three or seven speed design. Whichever model you choose be sure your choice is based on your riding preferences and where you’ll be cycling the most.

Consumers who purchased Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle gave it a rating of five out of five stars for color options, durable frame, comfortable stock seat, responsive braking system and affordable pricing. This rating makes the Firmstrong Urban lady beach cruiser our top rated model and for good reason.